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Spring has Sprung! Dust off those grills and smokers!

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Spring Has Sprung

It is time to dust off the grills and smokers because the temperature is above negative a billion! The birds are out and smoke should be rollin!

Beef, Pork, Chicken, and SO MUCH MORE!

The Spring Starter Kit not only covers all the major proteins you're going to be cookin' up, you can use this stuff on veggies, fish, and even T-Rex...if you're lucky enough.

Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo

Yes, you're getting 3 BBQ sauces, but holy versatility! Replace your ketchup with All-American, your mustard with Lowcountry Gold, and throw that mayo away to use White Lightning.

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BBQ Connoisseur Collection



The All-American BBQ Sauce

This isn’t just another KC BBQ Sauce. It is The All-American: America’s BBQ Sauce. This not-so classic BBQ Sauce is the ultimate melting pot of tangy, smoky, sweet, and a little heat , drawing inspiration from all the major BBQ regions across the U.S. Whether you’re grilling up juicy burgers in the Midwest, slow-smoking ribs in the South, or tossing wings on the West Coast, this sauce is guaranteed to add a patriotic punch of flavor to any dish. So, fire up the grill and get ready to savor the taste of the USA in every bite!

Lowcountry Gold Carolina Mustard Sauce

Step aside honey mustard, the real gold is in the Lowcountry. Introducint the tangy and sweet flavor of Lowcountry Gold. Our msutard BBQ sauce combines the bold taste of msutard with some sweetness and a subtle punch. Inspired by the rich BBQ traditions of the Carolinas, this sauce adds a depth and complexity to your BBQ spread.

White Lightning Alabama White BBQ Sauce

Step on the gas and rev up your tatse buds with White Lighnting - the perfect blend of tangy horseradish, sharp apple cider vinegar, and creamy mayo. Wheterh you're tailgate at a NASCAR race or bootleggin' it down back roads, this sauce will add some sizzle to your meats. Fire the grill and let the good times roll in the heart of Dixie. Y'all are in for a real treat.
Texas Crutch Brisket Rub
Get ready to elevate your smoked brisket game with our Texas Crutch Brisket Rub. This bold and flavorful blend is meticulously crafted to enhance the natural richness of your brisket, giving it that authentic Texas-style taste you crave. With a perfect balance of savory spices and a touch of smokiness, our rub will transform your brisket into a tender, juicy masterpiece that will have everyone begging for seconds. 
Yardbird Poultry Seasoning
BAWK BAWK BAWK! Say hello to your new feathered friend: Yardbird. This unique blend of sage, pineapple juice, and ginger is the key to unlocking the full potential of your poultry dishes. If you're tired of bland and boring poultry, let Yardbird spice up your life. You'll be the envy of all the feathered creatures in your neighborhood.

KC Combo Kansas City BBQ Rub

Introducing KC Combo, the Knasas City BBQ Rub that takes the classic BBQ seasoning experience to a whole new level. Perfectly crafted for pork, chicken , turkey, and even those mouthwatering burnt ends, this BBQ rub is your ticket to creating unforgettable barbecue masterpieces.


Never "White" or "Private" Labeled

Unique Ingredients Like Dark Roast Coffee




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What Sets Us Apart?

Not Just A BBQ Company

We are a "Flavor Company". Every product we have goes through a process of creation that lends itself to being the perfect combo of flavors. No matter the product, seasoning or sauce, you're going to get something that is flavor packed AND uniquely ours!

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What The Foodie Fam Says...

The BBQ sauce is one of the best I've had




Great Product and customer service!


Caitlin B.


Kansas City BBQ rub and Poultry seasoning absolutely blew my guests away!



I don't know what to say other then it's probably just the perfect sauce for any dish.

John W.


We bought 6 bottles of White Lighnting which says a lot!

Angela J.


INCREDIBLE! Put Yardbird on some chicken thighs and put some of the White Lightning. 

Gus S.


All-American is the only sauce I will use from now on. Flavor is unreal!

Elias G.



Frequently Ask Questions

What dietary restrictions do your products have?

Many of our products do not have any dietary restrictions! See our nutritional tables and ingredient list to see if there are any allergens.

Are your products gluten free and MSG free?

  • All products except our Seoulful BBQ are gluten free
  • We decided early on not to add MSG to our products. We want to bring flavors in other ways like using unique prodcuts (like pineaplle juice powder, juniper powder, and africa bird chili) while utilizing powder/granules to make sure our flavors are well distgrributed throughout our final product.

Why do you use plastic containers?

This was something we thought long and ahrd about. Due to the nature of backyard cookin, tailgating, and hiking/camping, the changes of dropping the containers are much higher. WE watned to keep breakage potential to a minimum both while you have the product and while we ship it to you!

All packagin is FDA approved for food storage and contain no PFA's!

Do you ship everywhere?

We ship everywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii!

Do you accept returns?

Due to our product being food related, we do not accept any returns. With that being said, if there are any issues with the product, PLEASE reach out to us. ex. Sometimes products are damaged in transit. Send a picture of the product and we will correct the issue as we see fit!


What are your shipping times?

We go by the rule of thumb taht your product will be shipping within 3 busienss days of your order. More times than not, your prodcut will be shipped out prior to that. We send an email with the tracking number etc. once the order is shipped!