Where are the nutritional tables and ingredient lists?

You can find those under each of the products! There is a picture with that information.

What dietary restrictions do your products have?

Many of our products do not have any dietary restrictions! See our nutritional tables and ingredient list to see if there are any allergens.

Are your products gluten free?

All products except our Seoulful BBQ are gluten free.

Do your products have MSG in them?

We decided early on not to add MSG to our products. We want to bring flavors in other ways like using unique products (like Pineapple Juice Powder and Juniper Powder!) while utilizing powder/granules to make sure our flavors are well distributed throughout our final product.

Are these your own products?

Absolutely! We meticulously created every single one of products. We want to stand out and this is our way of doing so! Many other companies “white label” or “private label” their products and hve no hand in their creation. We have grown out of producing the products ourselves, but the recipe is followed to a “T”.

What does “Certified Flavorful” mean?

At our core, we are flavor company. We want to create a product that is packed with as much flavor as possible. We attempt to keep our products as “clean” as possible, but not in favor of no flavor.

What is with the QR code on the side of your products?

This is a big time value add from The Tailgate Foodie. We don’t just want you to buy our product, we want you to use it! Scan that QR code and you will have access to an entire cookbook dedicated to the product in your hand.

Why do you use plastic containers?

This was something we thought long and hard about. Due to the nature of backyard cooking and tailgating, the chances of dropping the containers are much higher. We wanted to keep breakage potential to a minimum both while you have the product and while we ship it to you! All the packaging is FDA approved for food storage and contain no PFAS!


Do you ship everywhere?

Everywhere in the US including Hawaii and Alaska!

Can I pick up my product instead of having it shipped?

If you live in the greater Madison area, yes! When ordering just choose “LOCAL PICKUP”. We’ll let you know when your order is ready!

Do you do discounts?

We offer weekly deals for everyone on our site! (See weekly deals on homepage.) We also send special deals to our email list, TTGF Nation!

Do you do wholesale?

We sure do! We utilize Faire as our wholesale platform. We are more than willing to work with any type of store, whether you utilize Faire or not!

Check out our wholesale page, here: https://www.thetailgatefoodie.com/wholesale-opportunities/

I have a question about my product/purchase.

If you need assistance you can contact us through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or shoot us an email at: sales@thetailgatefoodie.com

Where do you sell your products?

Check out our “Find Us” page, here: https://www.thetailgatefoodie.com/find-us/
If you don’t see any store close to you, don’t worry! We ship everywhere (in the US.) We also have choice products on different E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart!


Do you accept returns?

Due to our product being food related, we do not accept any returns. With that being said, if there are any issues with the product, PLEASE reach out to us. ex. Sometimes products are damaged in transit. Send a picture of the product and we will correct the issue as we see fit!

Email: sales@thetailgatefoodie.com with any issues

Shipping Times

We go by the rule of thumb that your product will be shipped within 3 business days of order. More times than not, your product will be shipped out prior to that. We send an email with the tracking number etc. once the order is shipped.

Can I leave a review of your amazing products?!

ABSOLUTELY! You can go back to the product page you ordered from and scroll down a little bit. You will see where you can leave that glowing review!