All Our Products Go Through The Certified Flavor Project

We were so tired of being sold marketing buzzwords like organic and non-gmo that we started the Certified Flavor Project.

  • The What...

    It is a rigorous certification all our products go through to ensure every tastebud is slapped with flavor. Also, what are GMO's? Sounds made up. You know what's not made up? Flavor.

  • The Why...

    While many of our products fit into these "buzzword" phrases, we care more about getting the best products into your hands than sacrificing our quality and flavors.

  • The Tailgate Foodie

    With unique flavors ranging from pineapple juice, juniper powder, mango, and african bird chili, we know you're getting something you can't get anywhere else!

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We genuinely thought about every aspect of our products for you

Formulated And Bottled With YOU in Mind

For The Outdoorsy People and Tailgaters!

We are you! We love to cook outdoors. Whether that is tailgating at the big game or hiking up Everest.

I never wanted those big a** bottles that just take up space while doing those things.

ESPECIALLY, when hiking. All weight matters, but flavor was still important to me at those campsite cookouts.

Glass vs. Plastic

We get this questions a lot, especially because we used to have our products in glass.

Even with perfect packaging, we had to repackage and reship SO MANY ORDERS due to breakage.

Not only that, but we are in the market of...chaos? Tailgating. Backpacking. Outdoor cooking?

Down To The Last Gram

We ended up putting a name to this: The Certified Flavor Project.

Each and every product goes through a rigorous process. Ensuring the flavors are PERFECT (in our eyes) before they touch the shelves or go to your mailbox.


We do care about what goes into these bottles.

Many others care so much about being able to attach whatever new "certified button" to their label, that they forget why they exist, to taste good!

We are many of those "certified buttons", but we care WAY more about getting the most flavor packed product in your hands!