Welcome to the Certified Flavor Project

We were so tired of being sold marketing buzzwords like organic and non-gmo that we started the Certified Flavor Project.

  • The What...

    It is a rigorous certification all our products go through to ensure every tastebud is slapped with flavor. Also, what are GMO's? Sounds made up. You know what's not made up? Flavor.

  • The Why...

    While many of our products fit into these "buzzword" phrases, we care more about getting the best products into your hands than sacrificing our quality and flavors.

  • The Tailgate Foodie

    With unique flavors ranging from pineapple juice, juniper powder, mango, and african bird chili, we know you're getting something you can't get anywhere else!

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Isn't this just another buzzword??

YUP! We wanted to create our own, though. Something that we can hang our hat on.

The Process

Our "buzzword" has a process of flavor. Here, let me show you...

  • First...

    We decide what our product will likely be cooked with (beef, pork, chicken, etc.) This helps A LOT! We can really figure out flavors from here. Herbs used. Salt content needed. SO MANY THINGS!

  • From there...

    We figure out a flavor profile we want to bottle. Utilizing our tastebuds and "The Flavor Bible", we figure out unique flavors that pair well together.

  • Before we begin...

    Some of products come with some baggage. We call that baggage "tradition". While we love tradition, we like to put our own spin on it while still honoring the OG.

  • Tradition

    If we are coming out with a "traditional" or "regional" product, we aren't just throwing the name on it. It has been tested even more rigorously than our other products to make sure the flavors are on point. Even with this, we still piss some people off 😂

  • Let the experimenting begin!

    We start with a base of flavors and different ratios of products based on the product we want to make. I.e. Higher salt content for beef, lower for chicken. More thought goes into this than you were thinking, right?

  • FLAVOR!!

    The first part of our creation is to make it taste good by itself without cooking with it. Get the salt, the sweetener (if any), and all the flavors, well rounded. We're going for complexity and balance, people!

  • Round two, fight!

    After we get the ratios on point in the raw form, we move onto cooking with it! Here the changes usually have to do with the salt content and sweetener content. Cooking can really condense some of the flavors and overwhelm everything!

  • Versatility is key.

    Once we LOVE the flavors in the raw and "as intended" cooking form, we test them with different cooking techniques and with different cooked goodies. All of our products are soooo good on soooo many things. Brisket rub with veggies is TOP TIER!

  • Versatility is key (cntd)

    This is also where we start pairing sauces with seasonings and vice versa to really understand what we're working with. Man, this job RULES!

  • The Stamp Of Approval

    Once that product has been perfected in as many forms as possible, we do the daring. We cook for the brutally honest people in our lives. We may have shed some tears during this step.

  • Certified Flavorful

    If you've made it this far, thank you for reading my TedTalks about flavor. Upon the approval of the fiesty people, we happily place the CERTIFED FLAVORFUL logo on our label. You're welcome.

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