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Size DOES Matter

That doesn't mean bigger is better...always. Our core seasoning bottles are 4oz bottles. We want to get you the freshest possible product as often as possible.

How many times have you bought a big a** bottle of seasoning only to use a couple tablespoons? Then off to the the back of the cupboard for 2 years.

Before I started this company, that was me!

For people cooking big cuts of meat, we still got you! We have bigger bottles of seasoning that are classically used for big cuts of meat! (i.e. Texas Crutch Brisket Rub)

We also had a robust bulk purchasing discount scale when ordering!

For The Outdoorsy People and Tailgaters!

We are you! We love to cook outdoors. Whether that is tailgating at the Super Bowl or hiking up Everest.

I never wanted those big a** bottles that just take up space while doing those things.

ESPECIALLY, when hiking. All weight matters, but flavor was still important to me at those campsite cookouts.

Glass vs. Plastic

We get this questions a lot, especially because we used to have our products in glass.

Even with perfect packaging, we had to repackage and reship SO MANY ORDERS due to breakage.

Not only that, but we are in the market of...chaos? Tailgating. Backpacking. Outdoor cooking?

How many times have you been to a tailgate a bottle gets dropped?

Lord knows, I'm not taking a glass bottle up the rock face of K2.

Down To The Last Gram

We ended up putting a name to this: The Certified Flavor Project.

Each and every product goes through a rigorous process. Ensuring the flavors are PERFECT (in our eyes) before they touch the shelves or go to your mailbox.


We do care about what goes into these bottles.

Many others care so much about being able to attach whatever new "certified button" to their label, that they forget why they exist, to taste good!

We are many of those "certified buttons", but we care WAY more about getting the most flavor packed product in your hands!

We Understand Flavor

Let's be real, some flavors just straight up don't belong together. While we have some unique flavors, they ALL make sense. From our taste buds to our handy little helper, "The Flavor Bible", our products just work .

We Are You...

We're not trying to be philosophisers over here. All we're saying is, we are our own demographic. We love sports. We love cooking. And we love being outside.

  • Let The Creative Juices Flow

    The only thing that is stopping you is your own creativity! My favorite veggie seasoning? Texas Crutch. Yea, our brisket rub.

  • Versatility is KEY

    With that being said, we test all of our products in many different ways! From off label proteins to pretty much all cooking styles.

  • Our Own Flavor

    We're not just running to a copacker and white labeling our products. These are through and through unique to us! And we're pumped about that.

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The Perfect Balance...

We don't want anything that is overwhelmingly one flavor note. Not too sweet for pork. Not too savory for beef. Not to overpowering for seafood.

The perfect combination from start to flavorful finish, we got you!

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